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I thought it was very informative,” said Bobbi Williams, a twelve year-old girl who participated in the 2015 STEM Camp. “Cyber bullying is a big thing now, and technology is a major thing in kids’ lives.”

Training, Collaborating, STEM Education, Violence Prevention, College-Prep, Health & Wellness, Community Sustainability Activities, and more.


"As a mother, educator, and pioneer at bridging gaps that separate us within schools, businesses, law enforcement and even the faith community, I operate believing that the human race can win with negotiation, cooperation, and mutual respect."

Program Director,  Margo Dawson

"Let us be known for producing academic achievers. Let us be known for producing great citizens. Let us be known for cleaning up our neighborhoods and eradicating violence. Let us be known for restoring the pride of yesteryear. We must fix us!” (Interview 10/2015 by Bryan Hanks)

Lin Dawson, CEO



The JH Sampson Community Development Corporation, Inc. (JHSCDC)is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The mission is to restore, rebuild, and reclaim lives to improve  education, career opportunities, wellness, and community engagement.